Landscapes in the Heart of Central America


«Landscapes in the Heart of Central America»

Costa Rica is an attractive tourist destination that stretches from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. The country has an abundance of the most varied flora, including extensive rainforests, volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, and an equally rich fauna, protected by an above-average number of national parks and forest reserves. The political stability of the country, paired with an established and successful economic model, secure the special position of Costa Rica in Central America.

Costa Rica will no doubt continue to benefit from promising developments. The upward trend as to foreign investment in the tourism sector will continue over the next years. In addition to North and South America, European countries have discovered Costa Rica as a travel destination: several airlines now offer direct flights to Costa Rica throughout the entire calendar year.

Guanacaste Province is in the northwest of Costa Rica located. The region offers the typical variety of Costa Rica in a microcosm that is particularly suited to individual tourism.

That’s why, in 1995, a special zone was established on the Pacific coast, the Polo Turistico Papagayo, which is to be developed with special care. This development was additionally supported by new and prestigious resorts geared to guests travelling individually and by the modernization of Liberia’s international airport.

Thanks to its warm climate and sheltered location, the Polo Turistico Papagayo is an ideal, year-round destination. The lush colours of its forests, the intensive blue of the sea, and the clear skies combined with the friendliness and hospitality of the Costa Ricans create an ideal base for individual tourism.